Moldavite crystals - the remains of a Comet

Fine gem quality MOLDAVITE mined and cut in the Czech Republic, Libyan desert glass jewelry

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Moldavite Necklaces

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Moldavite Rings

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    " don’t usually write reviews but I’m beyond impressed with my purchase. Green is my fav color so I’m always looking for different green gems. The ring is delicate & pretty. You can tell there was a lot of care that went into the packaging. "

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    " Fast shipping !! Kind and friendly seller. Will definitely purchase from here again. The ring is beautiful and all i could ever ask for! "

  • Reviews

    " This ring is absolutely stunning! I always take time to make my purchases to spend my money wisely, because I only want to own things I absolutely LOVE. I took time to read all the reviews from the shop prior to making my purchase. I tried to take the best picture I could, so you can see for yourself, the ring I bought here is 100% authentic Moldavite. You don’t need a microscope nor a certificate to tell that, I can see it with my naked eye. This is one of the most beautiful rings I have, so if you’re thinking about purchasing it, please do, you will love it too. Not only it’s a beautiful authentic Moldavite, but the silver is very high quality. "